Wednesday, August 09, 2006

All is quiet

From the desk of Mama Piggy:

The House of Pigs has never been this quiet.

Muffin is still subdued and sore from his op ...

(Oh, and look at his pawdicure!)

The other two kitties know better than to kacheow (Malay for bother) the ball-less one.

Big Brother Kootoo is the cool cat who's gone through this necessary rite of passage into manhood ...

... while Milo contemplates with quiet trepidation, knowing that his turn will come in three months.

Cat quote of the day:
Cats never feel threatened. They are genetically incapable of accepting that anyone could possibly dislike anything as perfect as a cat.
- Kathy Young


KXBC said...

You are a tough little boy. You will be bouncing and jumping again by tomorrow.

Kootoo and M&M said...

hey hey, as of last night Muffin was already chasing Milo up and down the hallway!

My "short-lived" peace at home >_<

- mama piggy

vegancat said...

I printed photos of Muffin for Phyllis when I visited her yesterday and she was thrilled to bits! She said, "So Pui Pui!" ("So Fat Fat")

Kootoo and M&M said...

heheh, i wished Muffin were fatter! Why don't you pop my place to look at the three kitties the next time you are in the vicinity?

Anonymous said...
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