Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Tiger on Tiger

From the desk of Mama Piggy:

Papa Porky bought this cute, paw-print fleece blankie on board Tiger Airways for Milo.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Think of those who are worse off ...

From the desk of Mama Piggy:

The chapter on my mother's cats is not closed yet, at least not for me.

Thanks to all for your comments/emails, of course I am not taking it lying down ;) I have earlier written to the Minister, but I think he must be very busy now with the issue of foreign workers' housing ... So I shall wait patiently for his reply.

I related the cat woes to a friend, and his comment was chilling but true - if they don't even care for human beings, do you think they would even bother with animals (unless it hurts them where it matters, ie electoral votes)?

I try not to let the current state of things bother me as much. It helps to think of those who are worse off than our kitties.

I made a visit to the Metta Cattery on Sunday, it has been 6 long years since my last trip there. It was good to catch up with Siew Ying, who, despite all the challenges and difficulties, maintained an optimistic and cheerful outlook.

Some of the cats there are down with cat flu due to the wet weather, but otherwise they look happy and contented. And safe from human harm.

Look at my sexy eyes ... mesmerising, no?

Quiet but sweet charmer.

Friendly girl who shakes visitors' hand. Honorary mascot of the cattery :)

Sweet dreams, no doubt, Mr Drooler :P

He's larger than a toy dog!

Dreamer snoozing away despite other kitties stepping all over him/her.

Please help the Metta Cattery if you can - every effort counts. They need pet food, medication, scratching posts, old towels .... Of course, if you're like me (ie "lazy") you can donate money to help fund the running of the cattery.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Trying times

From the desk of Mama Piggy:

Yes it's been a bad patch for me - at work and at home.

Had my nose kept to the grindstone at work, the stress and time pressure can kill.

It doesn't help that on the home front, the kitties at my mom's place faced an eviction order from the HDB.

I shall not dignify HDB by posting their run-of-the-mill reply to my appeal for a rational approach to resolve the issue.

The long and short of it is, the cats had to go.

So I called up the head of the HDB branch office and asked him what exactly was the "nuisance" that was stated in the complaint. He was dumbfounded. He couldn't tell me specifically what "nuisance" the cats had created. But we know why he had no answer for me. Because there was simply NO nuisance! He could only go as far as telling me that people saw the cats IN THE HOUSE and that they don't like it! (At this point my blood was boiling at the stupidity and ignorance of mankind. Even typing this now makes me angry!!!)

There is no point arguing with HDB officials who "just follow law", so I cut the exasperating conversation short.

Shortly after, HDB made an appointment with my mother to conduct a check on the house to make sure that we have removed the cats as per HDB's instructions. Gosh, if only other government officials can learn to be as "efficient" as HDB staff!

I couldn't take leave from work to entertain the HDB officials as they made the important visit to my mother's place. Well luckily I wasn't there, otherwise I could have gone blind from rolling my eyes excessively.

THREE officials from HDB came to inspect the house. I thought my mom had kept tigers and other exotic animals instead to warrant the presence of THREE public service officers (of course it is not a waste of taxpayers' monies, they're doing investigative work!) in her humble 4-room flat.

But I digress ... :P

So, they came, they saw, they took photos and they left.

No kitties in sight, save for our old Persian, who would be too traumatised if we move him to a strange place.

Our kitties are safe in another place, we had to protect them from PEOPLE. So dear readers, you tell me, who is more dangerous? Cats or People?