Thursday, October 14, 2010

Post dated - October pressie!

Warning - product endorsement!

I got myself a pressie! :D

I thought it's about time I look for a vacuum cleaner that does its job in half the time so that I can spend more time doing what I like - eg snoozing with the kitties, reading, catching up on my sleep ...

So I bit the bullet and bought the
Miele S4562 Cat & Dog vacuum cleaner! (Quite a misnomer, the name of the model. It sucks up fur, not cats and dogs, duh! :P)

We've used it for a month, it's a godsend! The couch is fur-free in less than a minute, the powerful turbo suction head lives up to its name!

The vacuum cleaner is a bit on the expensive side, I got mine at about S$800+, inclusive of extra dust bags, HEPA filter etc. But I think it's a good investment!

Begone, fur!