Saturday, December 16, 2006

Visit to Phyllis

From the desk of Mama Piggy:

Finally, the
scrapbook for Phyllis was completed after months of procrastination ...

She was thrilled to bits when we gave it to her this afternoon ^_^

I was surprised that Mei-Mei still remembered that Muffin was called Pan-Pan!!

We said hello to the meows in the cattery too, and saw this super manja kitty clinging on to Mei-Mei like a baby!

(Update: It's a she-kitty! Her name is Wa-Dee and she is up for adoption, see her profile here .

Her paw looked like it's been dipped in white paint. Cute!

The cats were happy to see visitors on a quiet afternoon, and Yoga kept nibbling at my toes =_=

We bought some goodies in support of
PawPledge cattery.

The pineapple tarts are in the shape of flowers, nice to see, yummy to eat!!

See PawPledge for more details on the Christmas Bake Sale!


calsifer said...

That's such a nice thoughtful gesture!

cat_aunty said...

What a lovely scrap book. And Muffin definitely looks...erm..more adult now.

With all the kitties to save and care for, Phyllis still has the time and energy to bake all those cookies!! Superwoman!!

vegancat said...

Oh so that was Muffin's scrapbook that I saw at Phyllis this afternoon. I thought the photo looked familiar :)
Mei-Mei has good memory. In just a short time, I can now rely on her to tell me which cats are "mine".

vegancat said...

Super manja cat was Wa-Dee
Two cats were delivered by Vincent on same day: one was Sa-Wa (adopted) and the other was Wa-Dee. I found her wandering at my downstairs one evening in September and it was so easy to grab her into a soft carrier. I passed her to Vincent for sterilization and as Phyllis' adoption drive was drawing near, I told Vincent to put her on hold to see if she could be adopted. She wasn't and I told Vincent to release her back in my estate. Vincent kept her as she was absolutely manja. Now I am glad Vincent has not released her. She was the first cat to greet any visitor in Cattery 3 and the only one to stick to the visitor. I am sure she will be adopted soon.

KXBC said...

You know, the pineapple tarts look like the thing XX left for me to clear just outside the litter box this morning.

Have I spoiled anyone's appetite already? :P

pineapple papa said...

i finished half a container of them last night in front of the tv. not super scrumpilicious but the pineapple filling can get addictive... like milo sometimes : )

operative word is sometimes.

Kootoo and M&M said...

vegancat, mei-mei has an elephant's memory indeed, when i pointed out to various cats, she could call out their names and who they "belong" to!!

Wa Dee is a sweet girl, hope she finds a good home soon!!

kxbc, donch like that leh, must support PawPledge cattery!!

for info, Papa Porky gorged on the pineapple tarts over the weekend and finished one whole tub!

Moglee said...

I carried Muffin before when I was at Phyllis. Played with him. He was slightly longer than my hand and he was very talkative.

I must make a date to visit Phyllis again. Her other type of pineapple is very addictive and delicious.

kuro.shiro.neko said...

i am confused... who's mei-mei? human? feline?

kxbc... didnt know you were THIS gross... eeewwwww :))

Kootoo and M&M said...

KSN, Mei-mei is the Chief of Staff at the cattery :) she is Phyllis' helper lah!

Hi Moglee!! You haven't collected Muffin from us yet! remember, you won a "contest" eons ago on this blog? Hee hee. Muffin has grown to be a very sweet cat and responds to me when I ask him to come to me for snuggles.

CatDonna & Cats said...

Wow. Nice! I adopted Polly from Phyllis but never really got back to her about the Midget Gangsta.

Not that Phyllis would recognise Polly. The dang kitten was so well-behaved until we left Phyllis's house. THEN she showed her true colours.

Umm, was reading the comments and stumbled across this:

"I must make a date to visit Phyllis again. Her other type of pineapple is very addictive and delicious."

It took me some stunned seconds to realise that Phyllis probably bakes different, umm, pineapple confections. :P My bad.

(BTW I want to make it clear that I'm not making fun of anyone except myself. moglee and Phyllis have nothing to do with this. It's just meee! Me and my crazy imagination!!!!)

*runs off screaming and trying to erase disturbing image from head*

Moglee said...

Opps.... I meant Pineapple tarts...:)

Papa porky, if I take muffin, Chang Chang's daddy takes kootoo, you left with Milo. Can I take milo too?

KXBC said...

Mama Piggy will never let me take the Kootoo Monster. Asked her so many times already and the answer is still no. But I'll try again. ;)

Pineapples R Us said...

Hougang Kitty Sale!

Manja Muffin - 2 tubs pineapple tarts only!
Kooky Kootoo - 5 tubs, no less!
Sweety Milo - Not for sale*

All proceeds to be sent to Paps Porky Foundation (Pineapple Testing Branch).

*Can discuss if offers above 10 tubs :)

KXBC said...

To pineaplles r us: How about Kootoo Monster for 3 tubs + 1kg of Bee Chun Hiong bak kwa?

cat_aunty said...

Whoa xiao leow.

KXBC has been pining for Kootoo for years! So will Papa Porky give in and sneak Kootoo away, under Mama Porky's nose?

Holding breath in anticipation.

paps porky said...

3 tubs and 3 kg of ba kwa and its a deal...

pssst.. come downstairs at midnight, bring cage and kibbles. prob some band-aids too for the scratches u'll get...

auntie p said...

*Makes a note to inform Mama piggy to impose penalty on papa porky*


auntie p
(lazy to login using the leh chay beta method)

Kootoo and M&M said...

Donch worry auntie p, we have gone back to Phyllis for 3 more tubs of pineapple tarts and papa porky is now so stuffed with pineapple tarts that he could barely walk, much less catnap Kootoo!

kxbc, i repeat, DO NOT hanker after Kootoo Monster!

cat aunty, you can breathe easy now :)

cat_aunty said...


KXBC said...

Papa Porky, you quite the greedy. 3 kg of bak kwa!!! Let me dig my piggy bank for some extra change first.

Psst...does the Kootoo Monster eat a lot? May have to stock up on cat kibbles you know.