Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Where is your conscience?

From the desk of incensed Mama Piggy:

Yes indeed, I am incensed.

Guess what I found on my way home this evening?

Tabby boy resembles Gym-Mee, no?

Yes, two more abandoned cats in my estate - a Calico mommy with her 3-month-old white and grey tabby boy.

I didn't notice them at first. I was walking through the nicely landscaped garden which leads to my flat when something "prompted" me to turn my head. I saw a pile of furniture at the void deck of a nearby block, discarded to make way for new ones in time for the lunar new year. Then I saw a bundle of white and black furry things on top of the unwanted sofa. With four pointed ears. Rats.

They are obviously abandoned home cats because they are very friendly, and Calico mommy still had a chain collar with a bell.

Someone also left some "farewell" food for them, it seems. Calico mommy allowed me to stroke her, and boy, is she skinny! I fed her some biscuits, and went home to get a can of wet food for her and tabby boy.
Why were they thrown out together with the old furniture? Because they would "damage" the new sofa? Or is it because their "shelf-life" is over?

I left them at the void deck and went home with a heavy heart.

If you love someone, would you abandon them?


Anonymous said...

Take them Homeeeeeeee........ ???? :-)

auntie p said...

*frown, puckered brow*

vegancat said...

Tabby-white kitten at 3 months is relatively easy to rehome.'s a dilemma we all face.
Mummy needs to be sterilised before the tom's smell her out.
Any clue from the furniture or the collar as to the owner?

Kootoo | Muffin | Milo said...

No vegancat, the collar has no ID, no giveaway signs on the furniture as well. Most likely a Chinese family as there was a discarded altar too.

Anonymous said...

These people are horrible. :(

Anonymous said...

i wld hv expected abandoned pets to be hiding and terrified. strange that they seem so calm and friendly. maybe they were free roaming pets.

the tabby boy is a real sweetie.


Kootoo | Muffin | Milo said...

indeed SL, I was half expecting not to see the cats again when I went back to trap them! Maybe their previous owner allowed them to roam freely, as you said.