Monday, May 14, 2007

Tata and Dodo

From the desk of Mama Piggy:

Or the kitties formerly known as Doe and Ray :)

Their "parents" Larry and Kaelyn have renamed them Tata and Dodo.

An email update from Larry:

They grow very fast, Tata is 2+ kg while Dodo is about 2kg. Both are equally naughty. My bedsheet, my sofa, my bag...all gone thanks to their claws. We've just bought a pack of Natural Balance to mix with APD. Somehow, they prefer the new food which is 2 times more expensive. I found out 2 interesting things. Dodo likes to eat honeydew, keeps chasing Kaelyn asking for more. And Tata likes plain bread. He can even smell it while sleeping. I have attached some pictures of them taken in my room [now become their room too :( ]

Their sister Meeks sends her love to the boys!!


cat_aunty said...

Sniff! Glad to know they have each other, and doing fine.

Meeks is with your sister right?

jennifer_yq said...

so cute..the picture u posted looked a bit like ur milo.. light version of milo.
how is their sister doing?

Kootoo | Muffin | Milo said...

Strangely it's the boys who have faint stripes, while Meeks' coat is just plain cream.

Meeks is a very vocal and manja kitten, and is enjoying life as a little princess at my sister's place :)

Big Ears said...

Oh, please tell dad n mom to take their photo on regular basis. Why? Because NB diet will change their fur colour to a deeper shade.

My Kut-Zai (aka Omega) came home with a pale beige like Tata & Dodo, now? He is a absolute GINGER!

Kootoo | Muffin | Milo said...

Is that so, Big Ears?? How does a NB diet enhance the coat colour? Now Meeks is on a different diet (Royal Canin), maybe that explains why her coat is still a pale cream ...

Big Ears said...

I think NB is really 100% good stuffs in there. Kat-Zai is not the only one that colours changes into a deeper shade after home with. Bluee (adopted from Vegancat) too and his fur became darker brown. If human dare to take NB, I think there is also a breakthrough with bald heads! hee hee... No lah, I think like human, better quality food provides better nutrition to the well being of the whole body. Don’t believe, try lor. I fed kat-zai NB dry (most of the time), wet (mostly over weekend, too much will lau-sai) and steamed chicken (whem mom is in the mood).