Saturday, October 13, 2007

Brownie and Scout revisited

From the desk of Mama Piggy:

Selamat Hari Raya!

We paid a visit to Senor Achiwawa and his family today, and are pleased to report that Brownie and Scout look very happy!

Brownie has blossomed into a beautiful girl.

Scout has the most gorgeous eyes, complete with kohl eyeliner!

As you might recall, Scout is sick (suspected FIP) and is now on steroids to keep his respiratory problems at bay.

Now (top, taken on 12 Oct 2007) and then (below, taken on 10 March 2007).

He looks small for a nine month old kitty, and is quite bony despite his voracious appetite. We really hope this little boy, or Small Fry, as Senor Achiwawa's mother calls him, gets better with time.

Scout doing an impression of Suckling Pig for the guests.

Frontal view.

Plane view.

Zonked out by the festive celebrations.


rendang R us Papa said...

The last pix was meant to be titled as 'zonked-out-from-too-much-yummy-mutton-rendang view'.....


cat_aunty said...

They look happy and healthy!

Brownie looks like she was wearing a cat woman mask.....

Want to bite the little fat legs of the suckling pig....

papa purrrty said...

cat aunty -

Mask? You should see the one on her side. It looks like a balaclava mask spray painted on her flank. Having said that, the one on her face does look like a mask too. Think she's practising for the face-changing performance this chinese new year :)

Barter Trade: 1 little fat leg for 1 pkt of bak kwa.... whilst stocks last. Only 4 left u know?


calsifer said...

Suckling pigs in cat dressing... yums. We got one too - well, we used to. Joey, 6 this year, suckling pigged all her life. But strangely, sometime after she hit her fifth year, she no longer does so.

Here's hoping Scout grows as big and strong as Auntie Joey. =)

VeganCatsg said...

I am happy to see both looking good :)
I think FIP a test, like the human tumour markers, not specific and sensitie, and clinical assessment is more important really.