Saturday, March 01, 2008


From the desk of Mama Piggy:

We're pleased to announce that the Fantastic Four have been "neutralised" and that they seemed none the worse for wear :)



Milk Tea

Tiramisu looks miserable in the cage, but she should be fine in no time.


cat_aunty said...

Why only Tiramisu in cone?

Cappucino is the most handsome hor?

Kootoo | Muffin | Milo said...

Cat aunty, the three boys (Cappy, Latte and Milk Tea) have recovered from their "ordeal", while Tiramisu, being a girl, needs more time to recuperate and the collar prevents her from getting to her stitches.

calsifer said...

Cappy and Milky very similar face leh... how you tell them apart? Milky has "Teh Si" splashes on the sides of his nose?

KXBC said...

Tiramisu is cute. I still have a soft spot for female cats. Don't know why also.