Sunday, July 20, 2008

Bedtime manners

From the desk of Mama Piggy:

Watching cats sleep is a very therapeutic, if not sleep-inducing, activity. I present you some of the best and worst examples of bedtime manners of the KMM crew ...

1. Curled up

This is how cats should be like when sleeping, all curled up (Okay okay, I know Kootoo is not exactly all curled up, but would you excuse him for his girth?!?!).

2. Dainty

As exemplified by Muffy, the dainty (or gu-niang, whichever pleases you!) sleeper snoozes on his side, preferably without drooling.

3. Utterly unacceptable

'Nuff said.


calsifer said...

milo! U go, boy! Total trust, utter surrender! =D

cat_aunty said...

Third pose VERY acceptable!!!

Very tempted to stroke his tum tum or put one's face among the fur!!!!!!

xy (zj) said...

aiya maybe in dreamland, milo was having tummy rubs so he lie like that lor. also excusable!

Anonymous said...

The third pose can lah ! :D For the humans to nuzzle in . Yum !


calsifer said...

*Poke* Where u be, Mama Piggy? Come review this tum leh.