Monday, September 08, 2008

Think of those who are worse off ...

From the desk of Mama Piggy:

The chapter on my mother's cats is not closed yet, at least not for me.

Thanks to all for your comments/emails, of course I am not taking it lying down ;) I have earlier written to the Minister, but I think he must be very busy now with the issue of foreign workers' housing ... So I shall wait patiently for his reply.

I related the cat woes to a friend, and his comment was chilling but true - if they don't even care for human beings, do you think they would even bother with animals (unless it hurts them where it matters, ie electoral votes)?

I try not to let the current state of things bother me as much. It helps to think of those who are worse off than our kitties.

I made a visit to the Metta Cattery on Sunday, it has been 6 long years since my last trip there. It was good to catch up with Siew Ying, who, despite all the challenges and difficulties, maintained an optimistic and cheerful outlook.

Some of the cats there are down with cat flu due to the wet weather, but otherwise they look happy and contented. And safe from human harm.

Look at my sexy eyes ... mesmerising, no?

Quiet but sweet charmer.

Friendly girl who shakes visitors' hand. Honorary mascot of the cattery :)

Sweet dreams, no doubt, Mr Drooler :P

He's larger than a toy dog!

Dreamer snoozing away despite other kitties stepping all over him/her.

Please help the Metta Cattery if you can - every effort counts. They need pet food, medication, scratching posts, old towels .... Of course, if you're like me (ie "lazy") you can donate money to help fund the running of the cattery.


cat_aunty said...

WOAH.....that champion!

Sharon said...

ginger/white cat ... is that Oliver?
The mascot is Janooi ... also known to drink water from the tap.

mettacats said...

The calico is Janooi

Oliver passed away on 5th April 2008
Oliver's webpage

He was admitted to Pet Clinic recently and was diagnosed with a stroke. His condition was “not good” and SY brought him back to MettaCattery this morning. He just passed away in his home for the last 10 years, in the presence of his feline and human friends. It was a “good death”.

Sharon said...

who is the ginger/white ... looks so much like oliver we fondly remember ...

calsifer said...

Am trying to remember Mama Piggy's latest adage

calsifer *who's trying to keep her head above the swampy bog called working for a wage*

THE ZOO said...

were so sorry to hear of the wows about your mom and the officals. we do hope it resolves in your favor and they go back to leaving yall alone again.

THE ZOO said...

that drooler looks like half of my cats while their getting their flea medicine.