Friday, December 09, 2005

Itsy Bitey Cat

This evening, Senor Achiwawa (Papa Porky's good friend who has three cats [!!] at home) paid me a visit. I was as good as an angel, until Senor Achiwawa started playing rough with me. But he is a good sport, he didn't flinch when I sank my teeth into his limbs. Looks like my three feline comrades at Marine Parade have trained Senor Achiwawa well, I am proud of them!

I shall practise biting Papa Porky more often so that he will be as tough as Senor Achiwawa, whaddya think?

Cat quote of the day:

There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats.
- Albert Schweitzer


Anonymous said...

Senor Achiwawa says: Kootoo's destiny lies with the Dark Side. I shall return to complete his journey.

PS: Kootoo, if you are reading this, keep biting.

President of the 5th Republic @ Porkadactus said...

This is preposterous! Summon the Higher Council of the Jedi! How dare the Dark Emperor spread his propaganda to young Kootoomonster, er.. i mean Kootoo Knight, right in the Hougang 90210 System?

Alternatively, we could prepare Kootoo as a spy and insert him into the Emperor's Deathstar at Marine Parade 90960!

Mama Piggy! Prepare the Alliance's deep space shuttle and er... yes, a one way ticket as well.... heh heh heh...