Sunday, January 08, 2006


This is Hope, a new addition to the kitty collection at Mama's sister's place. She was picked up from the Hougang Ave 8 vicinity. Isn't she a darling? Can't imagine how the month-old kitty could have survived the pouring rain today without a mummy by her side!

And I can't imagine Penguin getting all upset and jealous over little Hope - for two whole days! But they are pals now, I heard Penguin even helps to groom the little one.

I wish I could have a playmate too ...

Cat quote of the day:
One cat just leads to another.
- Ernest Hemingway

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Papa Sergeant said...

She was really tiny and cute, still very timid of all those giant humans that kept wanting to hold and pet her.

i like her pink nose and mouth and of course the Sergeant rank that she holds :)

notice in the third picture she's resting with her front paws folded the same way as how Kootoo does it. So cute when its a tiny thing.

Unlike Kootoo du Monstah...