Sunday, May 21, 2006

The jab is mightier than the cane

From the desk of Mama Piggy:

A picture of rare serenity - the cats, that is, not the neighbourhood.

The Monster and the Terror returned home from the vet, quiet and subdued. Must be the side effects of the vaccination, or could it be post-traumatic sulking sydrome? Heheh ... Usually, no amount of remonstrations or brandishing of the cane could have achieved such an effect, we enjoyed the "peace" in the house while it lasted ...

As expected, Kootoo Monster took his jab like an angel, he didn't flinch at all. Papa Porky thinks it's because Kootoo is too fat to feel the poking needle. Well, tipping the scales at 5.5 kilograms, I must say he is a bit on the round side.

Waaaah!! The vet said I have to watch my diet. Is she calling me FAT??!!??!!

As for Muffin Terror, let's just say that he could have be a dramatist in his previous life. He hissed, spat and swiped at the vet and her never-say-die assistant, who tried holding him in various positions for the jab. They finally succeeded by holding him by the scruff. Although the vet reassured us that Muffin wasn't the worst case she has come across so far, I am pretty sure she was glad that she wouldn't be seeing him for jabs till a year later!

I may be small, but I pack a punch!

Cat quote of the day:

Only cat lovers know the luxury of fur-coated, musical hot water bottles that never go cold.
- Susanne Millen


KXBC said...

Muffic Terror is a chilli padi. I like.

Meow, Bon Bon

vegancat said...

Bonding over a common "enemy" - the vet!

papa said...

Muffy was terrible at the vet's. The Ta Pow method of wrapping him up a la Bungkus didnt work as he struggled for his dear life, scratching everyone in the process.

Luckily the receptionist had other tricks up her sleeve, and for once the scruffing worked.

Poor Muffy was all red-eyed and traumatised from all the struggling. If only he was as nice as Kootoo.

Talking about that, Kootoo is now suffering a bout of earfullashittystuff. Kept us awake the other night when he kept flapping his ears like Dumbo. Despite major excavation works and tankfuls of ear drops by poor Mama piggy, he still seems to have a touch of it now and then. Poor Kootoo.

Zeus said...

Nothing brings two felines or humans together faster than trauma! Way to fight the power, Muffin!

tired papa said...

Got headache and tiredness now from Kootoo taking up half my pillow space last night...


vegancat said...

Kootoo might have earmites. Try REVOLUTION.

Kootoo and M&M said...

The vet says Kootoo's got mild infection, and has prescribed Surolan drops. Boy, I didn't know his ears were that mucky!!