Thursday, July 20, 2006

It's good to be home!

From the desk of Mama Piggy:

Yes it is good to be home, to find that nothing has changed for the worse (or better) ... 'cept that Papa Porky looks rather worn out (it can't be that tiring scooping poop, changing the water dish and making sure that there are fresh kibbles round the clock for the trio, can it?) ...

Was rather miffed that when I got home last night, Kootoo was more interested in my luggage than welcoming me :(

While Muffin and Milo continued to be at each other's jugular.

Anyways, I've got a little prezzy for those of you attending this Saturday's SG Cat Blogger gathering at Marche @ Suntec at 1.30pm.

Take your pick - wrist band or mobile phone strap with cute fortune cat.

Whilst stocks last! :)

Cat quote of the day:
One small cat changes coming home to an empty house to coming home.
- Pam Brown


KXBC said...

Welcome home. The trio must have missed you. And you are not alone. Everytime I come back from a trip, the 5 of thema are more interested in my bags than me.

So we'll see you this weekend?

kuro.shiro.neko said...

wah, that's sweet of you mama piggy.

hmmm... can i o-tang prezzies till come back from japan?

see you on sat!

ps i've already got used to it. they sniff at the luggage before greeting me. the one who greets me first gets more hugz and kisses from me!!! hee...

cat_aunty said...

Welcome home! Kootoo looks well, M&M are like kids. I always think the cats smell the luggages to make sure we don't smuggle another new cat into the house.

=^..^= said...

Thank you for the very pretty Lucky Cat, Mama Piggy! :) I feel so pampered... *grins happily*

~5-Cat Style

Victor Tabbycat said...

They missed you, they just don't want to look too eager to see you. Cats!

Mama Piggy said...

you are most welcome, 5-Cat Style :)