Sunday, May 18, 2008

He's lovin' it!

From the desk of Mama Piggy:

Kootoo's giving Milo McFurry a good slurp! :D


kuro.shiro.neko said...

that is really a heartwarming photo!

xy (zj) said...

WOW. milo mcflurry must b really delicious as kootoo is closing his eyes in bliss. oh yum.

Anonymous said...

Kootoo !! Keep some for me ! :D
A very loving pic .


Kootoo | Muffin | Milo said...

KSN, I am sure your kitties do a lot of this, no? :)

Randie, whilst stocks last!!

XY, Milo McFurry is delishious, better than the real thing ;P

KXBC said...

Mama Piggy, check Milo's chin. I think got a bit of acne forming. Mine also has the same problem even though all their dishes are washed with detergent daily.

Kootoo | Muffin | Milo said...

Yes, we call Milo "Mr Dirty Chin", we don't know why he gets it very often. The dirty patch can be removed by rubbing with a damp cotton pad. Yes, I wash their bowls daily too! I think it is just bad personal hygiene :)