Saturday, November 22, 2008

Welcome Mama!

From the desk of Mama Piggy:

Yes, we have an addition in the house :P

Tortie Mama is no longer a community cat :)

Tortie Mama, or affectionately known as Mama, is home with us.

As some of you would know, she is Milo's mommy. We sterilised her two and a half years ago and released her back in the estate.

About a week ago, we brought her to the vet as she was down with cat flu and had breathing difficulty. We had her hospitalised at the vet so that she can get her medicine regularly.

Papa Porky suggested that we adopt her. Well, it wasn't a tough decision, because Mama is really a very sweet girl, and if anything were to happen to her, I think we would be quite heart-broken.

My concerns were that she is down with flu, and of course, the stress of having to introducing the KMM to her. Plus the fact that the KMM have not had their vaccination in the past two years *ahem*

So we thought about this for a week. But when we visited Mama at the vet today, the answer was clear. We have to bring her home. There is no way she could recover from the flu if she is released back in the estate. Not with the year-end monsoon season. As for the KMM, well, they will get their long overdue jabs tomorrow and they just have to deal with a new kitty in the house, no? ;)

Mama, sorry it took us 2.5 years to realise that we care so much for you ...

Mama is now segregated from the rest in the kitchen toilet. The vet prescribed 10 days' dose of VibraVet and antihistamine tablets. When she is better, she will be introduced to the KMM.

So no, no happy reunion for Milo and Mama just yet ... but do watch this space :) Click here to watch Milo and Mama's video when they were catnapped in June 2006.
I hope Mama doesn't mind being "incarcerated" for a while!

And as for the KMM's reaction to Tortie Mama, well, Kootoo the kaypoh is as usual snooping outside the toilet door trying to sniff out the newbie. Muffy is spooked and anxious, while Milo has gone hiding somewhere :D But they will get used to her in no time, I hope ...


Chinky said...

**wonderful news on a cold rainy day**
As my home cats hide under the beds from the lightnings and thunders, my heart do ache for the community cats. May they be safe and may no kittens be in precarious places.

auntie p said...

Ooh..congrats to Mama & the house of Piggies.... Oops, does that sound right? :p

kuro.shiro.neko said...

1st gal in the KMM household! or is it KMMM?

Kootoo | Muffin | Milo | Mama said...

:D Strangely we feel this sense of happiness after deciding to bring her home ...

Auntie P, it's correct, we're all piggies here ;)

KSN, you're right, it's now KMMM!! :) Was thinking of KMMT (T for Tortie) but nah ...

Indeed Chinky, we pray that the community cats out there are safe from harm ...

xy_meowie said...

oh yay! wat a happy reunion! :)

calsifer said...

Dear Tortie Msma,
What great mews! Hope you are recovering well from the sniffles. How lucky you are to only take 2.5 years to get the Pigs to bring you home. I wish the minions were as bright as your Piggies.

You see, the minions knew my mum before me, and brought home my sis Milly when she was just 10 months old, and my brother Philly when he was 3 years old. But me, I had to wait all 4 years of my life before it happened. By then I have had a dozen rounds of the badly sniffles, and made a few visits to the vet too.

In fact, after my littermates and I dispersed from our 6 month kittenhood, the clueless minions thought I was too runty to have survived... shows what they know.

When they discovered me many weeks later with a tum, they thought I had a bad case of the worms, and you know why? I've never allowed them near enough to see so they had assumed I was a boy from the beginning. You should have seen the shellshocking btmao got when two new little bundles of scaredy fur, after my own heart, appeared on my tuft 2 weeks after she dewormed me.

So I was saddled with two forever kittens for 3.5 years until that fateful day. Well, one, since Gilly boy was catnapped by some pasar malam gypsy a half year before the minions scooped Kheilly and me home. Kheilly grew more needy than ever after Gilly disappeared.

When the minions started making noises about how wonderful it would have been to have me, Gilly, Kheilly, at home with Milly and Philly, I knew we could get ready to pack every mite and flea along to the party. I never knew my boy Kheilly had it in him, but he did his share of the work too, and inched his way into those dimwitted minions' hearts. All he had to do was worm his crossed-eyed way into btmao's lap whenever she stooped down to serve food. Her heartstrings were ours to tug.

Well, the move came too late for my Gilly, and my Kheilly's gone now after only 10 months of slacking. I never got to reunite with Milly again either, but boy, have I leeched myself to Philly, heheh.

It took a arduous half year's worth of confinement before Kheilly and I were introduced to the cranky three: Teddy, Bam Bam and Joey, but hey it worked. It helped that Philly insisted on paying us visits whenever the minions came into our confinement room. We recognised each other right off, and I understand he and Milly did too, bless her departed kitty soul.

I make sure the minions, and their mum, remember my life as a homeless cat by getting all jumpy at nothing, getting offensively swipey at moving brooms, and hitting at anyone who tries to move things I'm sitting on. They get guilty and make the appropriate excuses for me. It's always going to be like that for me cos how can a lifelong homeless cat forget every survival instinct that has kept me alive? I've calmed down quite a bit of course, since it has been 2.5 years since they abducted me. But I'll still get jumpy and all surprised at nothing from time to time, for nostalgia's sake. I admit I really reeeeeeally can't get over that damned doorbell though. Something makes me scramble for the highest hidey spot whenever it sounds.

Anyway, I'm sure you will have a grand time of it with Milo if not K and the other M. Those two might be pains in the tenderest spot you've got, but you can be sure even the hassle of having to deal with them will beat having only concrete and car exhaust for comfort.

May the grand old spirit of Mum Cats be with you,
Delayed Conversion of homeless Mum Cats to homey Mum Cats Annoymous (Mum and Kits sharing the same home branch)

Anonymous said...

Is it me or did I notice Mama T's gentleness in Milo?

I am sure she will be grateful for your kind gesture, Mama Piggy :)

the letter b

geraldine said...

it's better to be late than never.. : )

cat_aunty said...

That is the bestest news ever!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

So sweet! Thank you for adopting that sweet mummy cat. Yup, better late than never.

Anonymous said...

i would like to clarify for posterity, for our readers, n for kmmm, that i did not ask mama piggy to bring mama tortie home. I merely thot was mama piggy that wanted to do so... :) Papa Porky

Anonymous said...

by the way, poor Milo is still hiding in my room n hasnt eaten or shat for two days since mama tortie came home. He's totally spooked by her new noises n takes to hiding at all the dark corners... Poor boy... papa porky

KXBC said...

Hey, I was also thinking (before I saw your new name for the cat) that she should be called Mama. Hahaha, same line of thought.

Sad to say this but Milo won't recognise MaMa anymore as the separation has been too long. Mama probably won't take in Milo as her kid too.

But Mama is sweet looking. Just don't call Mama in front of your real Mama.

Mary said...

Mama is a real beauty; and beautiful still are you guys :)

Kootoo | Muffin | Milo | Mama said...

Thanks Mary :) Mama is an unconventional beauty. Actually, most people would find her "ugly". I confess I didn't find her particularly pretty initially ... but her endearing personality and sweet nature bowled me over.

kxbc, you really think so huh? I harbour thoughts of Milo recognising his Mama leh!

Kootoo | Muffin | Milo | Mama said...

Oh and Calsifer, I find myself digging up your old post about how to introduce newbies to the resident slackers, and this bit of info was particularly interesting, ie introduce the alpha cat to the newbie and the rest of the kitties will fall in line! Hmmm, we shall see ... :)

KXBC said...

I find her rather lovely. Look at the shape of her head. So Hello Kitty-like. Her tortie markings are fairly nice too.

YY adopted XX as her mummy. XX was hospitalised for 10 days only and when she was back home, YY hissed at XX for close to 2 weeks before accepting her. She forgot about her adopted mummy in less than 10 days.

When XX was younger, we sent her to a boarding place as we went overseas. Her mother was still at the shop and XX could not recognise her. The separation was less than 3 months.

Still got high hopes or not? Hohoho... But then, there are always miracles.

auntie p said...

KMMM, I think the alpha cat would be Mama. :)

Kootoo | Muffin | Milo | Mama said...

why you say so ah, auntie p? :) u think she will be a matriarch of the household?

auntie p said...

Because one is a somewhat blur friendly cat, one is a scaredy cat and the other is her son, so the matriarch throne naturally will belong to Mama. :)

You go, Mama!

calsifer said...

:0 I'm in the nice-and-slow advocacy camp with regards to kitty intros. Vey much like reworking the local mafia pecking order. Maybe try some communal tubbing?

Actually Mama's face really very lovely. Like Rheilly's: broad, and large-eyed. Mum cats!