Sunday, June 18, 2006

And Milo makes three ...

From the desk of Mama Piggy:

Yup, Milo is the new name for the sweet Ginger Boy (PS. I am not responsible for the name. Milo indeed. What's next? Teh-si kosong?!? (To our foreign furriends, that's tea with evaporated milk without sugar.)

And we are adopting Milo instead of giving him to my sister.

Why? Cos' Papa Porky took a liking to Milo ever since he first saw him, and has been haranguing me to take him in.

I was somewhat reluctant because:
(1) Muffin and Kootoo are still in the settling down stage,
(2) I think two cats are just nice, and
(3) I am concerned about how Kootoo would react to yet another newcomer within such a short span of time and whether Muffin would bully sweet little Milo.

But I must say Milo really won my heart with his cute looks and gentle personality, so I finally relented :)

When we visited the cats at the vet's today, Tortie Mummy was rather subdued. She doesn't look too happy either. I hope she makes a quick recovery and resumes her old friendly self.

Cat quote of the day:
If a cat did not put a firm paw down now and then, how could his human remain possessed.
- Winifred Carriere


the letter b said...

hullo Milo *waves*

erm Mama P, Milo is an italian - or greek, as in Milos - name actually and it somehow became synonymous with that chocolatey comfort drink that we all, erm, lurve.

a secondary schoolmate was called Milo and one can imagine the jokes and accompanying giggles that greeted him. then someone ::cough:: and classmates proceeded to call him Mee-lo.

auntie p said...

Milo is a nice name what! I know a rehomed dog whose name is Milo too. Maybe it's short of Miloselvic or something.

Milo the kitten is can anyone resist? Yay, another playmate for Muffin.

vegancat said...

My mind is dementing up..but is there a movie called milo and ....something..adventures of a cat and a dog?
Haha..I bet Milo has that "killer" look that will win any heart that is not cemented yet.

KXBC said...

No one can resist sweet ginger kittens like us. :)

But what will happen to Mother cat?

The little orange kitten, General Yuan Yuan

cat_aunty said...

It is very very kind of you guys to adopt Milo. It will be quite tough on Kootoo, he wished for a little sister, and suddenly he has two brothers!! I think Muffin and Milo can get along as both are about the same age. Please give Kootoo extra hugs and kisses, so he won't feel left out.

Celeste Lock said...

The only Milo I know of is a JRT from the movie "The Mask". Now there's a second Milo in the form of a feline. And aww...he is so very adorable! = )

Cat said...

Hello Milo!

vegancat said...

Got it
Adventures of Milo and Otis

Kootoo and M&M said...

wow vegancat, your memory has served you well, it's a 1989 movie!! And the ginger in the movie is almost a splitting image of our Milo :)

the letter b, i actually went to google the meaning of "Milo", some websites say it's a German form of Miles, which means soldier. Uh-oh, we have yet another fighter among us ... Hmmmm, Mee-lo sounds cool too.

General Yuan Yuan c/o kxbc: Sweet gingers? Wasn't it just recently that you destroyed the newspapers at home and turned the hall into a typhoon zone? ;P

We will release Mummy Cat back to the carpark when she recovers from the op.

Zeus said...

I think Milo is a great name for someone so obviously comforting and relaxing! I'm sure with your love and guidance, everyone can learn to get along just fine.

KXBC said...

We gingers all look very sweet and cute. Look at Zeus. Isn't he sweet looking? Or Sunkiss from Cat-astrophobic or Teddy from Cat Donna.

Of course, sometimes we do have split personality syndrome and may turn into a destroyer at night.

From the sweet little orange kitty, General Yuan Yuan

KXBC said...

Oh, I forgot about Fat Eric. Daddy says he is the cutest fat orange kitty he has ever seen. Even cuter than me. *sulk*

From the super sweet little orange kitty, General Yuan Yuan

Oreo said...

Milo am furry purrty!

Victor Tabbycat said...

Hi, Milo! Looks like you found a great home. Mom says "milo" is a type of grain that is ginger color, so it's a popular name for kitties in America, especially since the movie Milo and Otis. PS The American version of the movie had scenes of aminal cruelty cut and was a cute kids flick! Best of luck to Milo and Tortie Momma.