Thursday, December 04, 2008

Mama meets the gang

From the desk of Mama Piggy:

I took half day's leave this morning to bring Mama to the vet. Her sniffles came back yesterday :( Her condition had improved over the weekend and her eyes and nose were clear and dry. She had completed her course of anti-biotics so I was perturbed that she can't seem to shake off the flu.

While at the vet, I decided to get her tested for FIV and FELV too. The results were negative :)

Cost of vet visit (inclusive of cab fares) - $120
Peace of mind - Priceless ;P

I had introduced Mama to the gang over the weekend.

Auntie P, you're spot on! Mama might just become the queen of the household as Kootoo was actually a bit afraid of her! Papa Porky observed that Kootoo wanted to be friends with Mama cat, but didn't seem to know how to go about doing it. So when he got too upclose with Mama, he received a swipe and a hiss :D But at least Kootoo has accepted her presence in the house, the two of them lounge together in a relaxed manner.

KXBC, you're right too. Milo the Ingrate didn't recognise his Mama at all. But the good thing is he is curious about her, although he is somewhat scaredy. I wonder if Mama recognised Milo, she miaowed a few times at him in a friendly manner ... But the ingrate would stare at Mama from the kitchen doorway for a few seconds before slinking away ...

As for Muffy, what can I say? : Still paranoid and hissy.


FelineFurball said...

hey there... how do you know if ur kitty has a cold? i cant seem to tell. they eat extremely well all the time. Any advice would be great!

suzanna said...

So happy that the 3 boys don't gang up against her! :D

xy_meowie said...

wah mama! im quite sure u'll be Queen in no time!

Anonymous said...

The 3 boys react differently towards female presence. Which reminds me of teenagers, you know when we first entered secondary school or JC or Poly, coming from an all-boys or all-girls school.

You just don't know how to react or behave when suddenly a member of the opposite sex steps into the class. Some would go in a right tizzy, some would just stare blankly, some just completely clueless and hide behind the textbook, whilst some react adversely.

The latter having a terrible bad experience or three with the opposite gender. Eg: Muffy

As for Milo, he could have been wrecked by guilt? Like, here he was totally forgotten about his ma. And then suddenly she turned up out of the blue. He'd go, "Sh1te, what have I done now? How does she know I'm here?"

the letter b
the [pseudo] cat behaviourist

Anonymous said...

Mama is so pretty . :D
And hope Milo remembers his mama soon . :D


auntie p said...

Looks like cool Mama is taking things in her stride. :)

I luv the name Mama BTW. MIL had a cat with the same name and she was a sweetie mommy cat.

Kootoo | Muffin | Milo | Mama said...

Feline Furball, the symptoms are sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes, fever, loss of appetite. Much like human flu. It can be prevented by bringing your cats for vaccination. There is a wealth of information on the internet, this is one of them.

Agree with you Auntie P, there's something about the name Mama, lovely isn't it? :)

Randie, don't hold your breath, at the rate things are going ;P

the letter b, it is interesting how the 3 boys react differently to Mama. Kootoo has a mischievous streak in him, he has tried pouncing on Mama and I have to keep a close watch on him!

Suzanna, don't think the KMM can ever gang up, given their different personalities!

XY, Mama IS the Queen! :)