Monday, December 08, 2008

Pain in the butt ...

From the desk of Mama Piggy:

... is Kootoo.

Kootoo: Me a pain in the butt?? Whose butt?

First he decided to chase after Mama cat, after realising that she is very mild and sweet-natured. He would spring into a run and spook Mama, who was scared into retreating into her cage. So I had to use some very stern words on Kootoo, plus brandish my bedroom slipper. That had some effect on him, he started behaving himself after deciding that it would be foolish to cross me =_=

Then Kootoo decided that he will use Mama's litter bin. And make a mess out of it. I know he is trying to assert his dominance, but some toilet manners would be appreciated!

Another pain - Muffy the Growler. A lot of posturing and growling from him since Mama started exploring the house.

Muffin: See me crossed paws? They stand for "No to Newbies!"

I think he deserves a good smack from Mama :)


suzanna said...

So Milo won this time for being the most well behaved?

Your boys are so cute!

I hope Mama cat is not too stressed with such 'welcoming' tactics.

BTW, she's not named yet?

Mary said...

Look at Kootoo innocent face; so adorable and sweet :)

xy_meowie said...

oh poor mama!
naughty kootoo & muffin!

cat_aunty said...

Muffinz is still scarred from the hot coffee incident so he should be forgiven.

Kootoo is just being boisterous, I am sure Mama will put the boys in their places soon!!!

My furry friends said...

Poor Mama cat hope the kootoo monster will get use to her soon and accept her as part of the gang. Hang in ther mama cat... how was milo's response?

Anonymous said...

Mama Gangsta??! See, looks are misleading. Behind the docile and sweet appearance lays a samseng poh.

Don't judge a book by its cover, shallow water runs deep, blah blah

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