Wednesday, April 05, 2006


The Pigs are going to take a look at Pan-Pan, a ten-week old ginger/white darling tomorrow evening and suss her out as a potential pal for me!

I hope she is as adorable as me ...

Alas, I could no longer sit on the window sill like I used to, without bits of tummy fat spilling over ... And that sweet innocent look of mine .... it's gone, together with my mojo!

Cat quote of the day:
A kitten is a rosebud in the garden of the animal kingdom.
- Robert Southey


KXBC said...

Trust me. You would want her to be uglier so that you would not lose your place in the household. Must be selfish, ok?

Meow, Xin "been thru it" Xin

Papa porky said...

Note from HR Dir,

Mr Kootoo has no time to answer his fan mail as he is busy packing his belongings and awaiting one-to-one exchange with a cuter and less bitey kitty.

As there is no email access in the boondocks of Punggol track 17, you may perhaps hear his lonely wails at night. Note: do not feed dangerous animals.

Meanwhile we are busy preparing to welcome heartily our new replacement, sorry i meant resident kitty - Pan Pan. That is, if she fits the bill. If not, du Monster may still get a few more nights in hougang paradise.

Thank you.

**No signature is required as this is a catputer generated letter**

Kootoo and M&M said...

I will not bother myself with empty threats from Porky, shall piss on his PC when I get the chance ... I am keeping my paws crossed that Mama Piggy takes a liking to Pan-Pan ...

KXBC said...

So is Pan Pan cute or what?

Meow, Xin Xin

Kootoo and M&M said...

Mama Piggy is going to visit Pan-Pan today cos the fosterer was busy yesterday ... will keep u posted!

calsifer said...

Psst, Kootoo,

Monster to monster, did you tell the Pigs you can't see the new babe straight off the bat? You need to SMELL each other and posture and hesitate and stress out, before you can set eyes on each other.

They know I'm dedicated to keeping the seats in the house as one-cat sofas so that's how my lot tricked me into accepting the bigger, and yes, younger, oafs at home now. *RWOAR*

We cats are uncomprehensible that way. That's why the two-legged ones love us,

Bam Bam (don't mind the juvenile pic, I know my way around the world, I do, I'm 8, for Bast's sake!)