Saturday, April 15, 2006

Truce or Dare

From the desk of Mama Piggy:

Kootoo and Muffin have made a baby step towards accepting each other (I think).

They can now sit opposite each other (with a fence in between, of course) at a distance and size each other up without the obligatory sound effects of hissing and spitting.

However, Kootoo, being his usual playful self, keeps wanting to pounce at the little one, sending Muffin into hysterics. Muffin seems rather fearful of sudden movements or sounds and would react strongly, almost behaving like a possessed kitty. Perhaps she is still reeling from that unhappy episode in her life ... poor baby.

This morning, I suffered a cut on my left index finger when Kootoo came dashing at Muffin, who was in my arms. While trying to calm the little one, she gave me a nasty bite.

Muffin Terror in the making?

No truce in sight yet, but we shall be patient. But I only have nine fingers left ...

Cat quote of the day:
Catmandments #3 - Thou shalt not ever ignore me.
- Author Unknown


vegancat said...

Haha...wait till Kootoo gets the "gremlin" of sweet-innocent-looking Muffin.
How about bathing both with same shampoo to get rid of the shelter smell on Muffin?

the letter b said...

heh, Kootoo has finally met his match?

CatDonna & Cats said...

Sometimes it helps if you confine Muffin in a cage for a bit and let Kootoo get used to her existence. So even if Kootoo tries anything, the cage will protect Muffin and your fingers, indirectly.

I usually keep new rescues in a cage in the corner for at least the first 24 hours. The newbie can calm down, and the established cats can check him out.

It's also helpful especially when you're not sure yet of the newbie's health status.

Anonymous said...

I like both Kootoo and muffin. Kootoo has big eyes, muffin is white. :)


KXBC said...

Introduction takes at least a week or two. Kootoo won't give way and kittens are pesky little things. hehehe.... But Muffin is a pretty little pesky thing. Kootoo will be smitten with his little sister in no time. Dabbing a little wet food on the little one's forehead may help ease the introduction stage.