Friday, April 14, 2006

Scaredy Cats: Episode I - Face Off

From the desk of Mama Piggy:





Bloodshed. MY blood, that is. Courtesy of Muffin's sharp nails.

That sums up the first day of Muffin's homecoming.

My trip to China was cancelled so I brought the little one home last evening. Her temporary abode is the kitchen bathroom.

Kootoo Monster wasted no time to show her who's the Boss around the house, while Tiny Muffin showed that she was a feisty Chilli Padi behind that sweet facade of hers, hence there were plenty of ruffled furs and brandishing of claws.

The face off continues today.

Buzz off Buster, stop staring at me! Can't a kitty eat in peace?!

Coming up tomorrow: Episode II - Trouble in Paradise.

Cat quote of the day:
Catmandments #2: Thou shalt have no other pets before me.
- Author Unknown


cat_aunty said...

Kootoo looks sad....

=^..^= said...

Poor Gucci is in the exact same... er... paws. He now has a baby sister and he ain't happy 'bout that!

~5-Cat Style

CatDonna & Cats said...

Muffin looks like there's something on her face? Not a scratch wound I hope?

Kootoo and M&M said...

5-Cat Style: Good to share notes on how the family is coping. No bloodshed yet, I hope?

CatDonna: The scratch wounds and cuts are only found on moi. Meanwhile, I have been trying to bribe the cats with new toys and treats, hopefully that would help dissipate the tension somewhat, and I can go to work on Monday without looking like I have been trying to slash myself ...

~ Mama Piggy

=^..^= said...

I'm checking in on Gucci often. So far, no bloodshed. Phew... The new kitten is such a tiny thing, she can't afford to bleed very much!

~5-Cat Style

KXBC said...

I also don't like little critters invading my private space. I hiss at XX, BB, CC and YY too when they first came home. I mean, I have to show who's boss right?

Kim Kim