Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Cute Attack!

From the desk of Mama Piggy:

Enjoy :)


xy (zj) said...

ah mamma piggy u create the cutest vids ever!! more more more!!

calsifer said...

Project: Kitten Nappies

Owner: Mama Piggy

Requirements/Key Features:
1. Must be able stimulate bowel and urinary movement in a timely manner
2. Must be self-cleaning and de-odourising
3. Must not need external power source
4. Design should
- encourage air circulation and mininise occurence of nappy-rash
- be light, lightweight and does not inhibit movement or cause harm due to strain on wearer
- incorporate saefty design features like self-release if tugged on in a forceful manner or if wearer chafes
5. Must be ecological
6. Must be economical

Status: WIP. Stage 1 - Project open for requirements review

KXBC said...

I see some b*lls. Haha. At least 1 boy.

How come the darker kitten has big small eye? Borned beside a Merz taxi? :)

Anonymous said...

you should put a hot water bottle as a substitute for their mom's warmth... and to give them a sense of security

cat_aunty said...

Poor things, without their mummy....maybe Cookies can act as nanny??

Kootoo | Muffin | Milo said...

Calsifer, you are a scream! Am 'fraid no budget was set aside for this project though!

anon, thanks for the suggestion, will pass it on to my Sis.

xy, glad u enjoyed the clip, making funny videos keeps me sane.

Cat Aunty, we think in no time Cookie will be "mothering" the newbies :)

kxbc, i think all the ginger babies are boys, the b*lls are quite obvious!

~ Posting from my lovely cubicle at work

calsifer said...

Requirements review only mah, can think about it loh... rent Kootoo out to raise funds? :D

Sure hope you've unmanacled yourself by now.

Anonymous said...

I love your videos ! :D Wah ! The first ginger one is very active and 'demanding' ya ?
And is Cookie Kootoo ? :p

Kootoo | Muffin | Milo said...

Hmmm, Calsifier, that's a great idea! Lardball for Rent - Cures rheumatism, depressive disorders and an antidote to Life's Weariness; Improves cardiovascular system and Promotes family bonding. $50 per hour. Kibbles not included! :)

Randie, thanks! Cookie is the female version of Kootoo, both are greedy and lazy! Cookie is my Sister's cat. My sister is fostering the newborn kitties.

=^..^= said...

Aaawwww! The babies remind me of the 5 that my sis and I nursed! Makes me miss them heaps! I hope they grow up healthy & strong, and find loving homes! :)

Great job, Mama Piggy & Papa Porky, and all the cats who are being big brufus and sisfurs to the babies!

~The Flyer