Sunday, September 09, 2007

The milk of human kindness

From the desk of Mama Piggy:

Weighing in at between 120 and 140 grammes, these wee lil' ones can be surprisingly feisty during feed time.

Possibly the runt of the litter, this ginger baby gets fed first.


cat_aunty said...

Poor babies. I really don't know how they could be just abandoned like that, at such an young age

auntie p said...

Sad to say, such abandonment of new borns happens more often that we'd like to think.

KXBC said...

I've read somewhere that when you bottle feed a neonatal kitten, the kitten should be in a prone position, just like when it is suckling on its mother. Something about the milk traveling the wrong way or something like that. Your pic/video shows them being carried like human babies when fed. You may wish to google for it.

Did you burp them after feeding? I like the burping part. The yucky part is the stimulation of their tummy for the passing of urine/faeces after feeding.

lingcat said...

I find that it is easier to syringe feed the kittens when they are so young. It takes a lot of effort for them so suckle from the bottle.

Kootoo | Muffin | Milo said...

Oh gawd .. we know nuffin about taking care of newborn kitties! Will let the Nanny ie my sister know about this, thanks for advice.

KXBC said...

I referred to these when we were caring for neonatal CC. Very useful information. (it's a pdf file, look for newbornhandbook.pdf)

KXBC said...

Also something I learned the hard way when caring for baby CC.

Basic rules to bring up orphaned neo natal kittens:
1. Keep it warm - great you are using the warm bottle. Wrap a towel around it and place the kitten on top. But make sure it has a cooler place to crawl to when it gets too warm.
2. Feed every 3 hours, even midnights.
3. Prepare the formula milk according to the proportion stated on the tin. Very important.
4. Stimulate the kitten to pee/poop by massaging its little tummy using a warm towel after every meal. If the kitten is lying on your palm facing you, rub its little tummy anti-clockwise. You are simulating the actions of the mother cat. Kittens need stimulation to pee/poop until around 1+ month.
5. Have glucose solution (the ones we drink but without orange/grape flavor) ready. When the kitten is dehydrated and does not feed well, it will fade very quickly. The glucose solution can help to stimulate its appetite for a moment so that it has energy to suckle milk.
6. If you have done all you can but it is still fading, send to vet straightaway for immediate attention.

VeganCatsg said...

Wonderful video - the milk of kindness.
Hopefully more people will be touched to be kind to animals.

xy (zj) said...

also can stimulate the passing of urine by using a wet tissue to wipe the backsides of the kittens. their mother wld lick the area instinctively. urination once per day is good enough.

calsifer said...

Great vid, Mama Piggy.

Wow, so many experienced neonatal baby caregivers here!

I just want to offer my $0.02 from watching "Growing Up Wild" on Animal Planet regarding kxbc's comment about feeding position. It was an epi about big cat babies, and apparently the nannies were having problems keeping the babies in their care alive past the first weeks. They later realised that holding the babies in a human baby pose increases the likelihood of the milk getting into the airways instead and from there flowing into the lungs which could cause pneumonia, bronchitis and a number of related problems. So they changed the feeding positions like what kxbc mentioned, and it really did worked.

Also, the nannies made a sort of contraption so that baby kitts could knead while feeding, to make it as close to nature as possible - can't quite recall the rationale but i believe it was something to do with psychology. I guess making the fingers or palm available for these tots while they suckle would do as well.

Good luck with bringing up babies =)

Anonymous said...

A very heart warming & funny (of the kittens 'complaining') video . Really salute U and your family for such dedication .

Mary said...

With lots of love and tender loving care, they will grow up to be strong and healthy. Thank you for what your wonderful family is doing.

Kootoo | Muffin | Milo said...

Thanks all, the "glory" should go to my sister ... and my brother for not leaving the hapless kitties as they are. Two of the kitties have opened their eyes!! :D