Saturday, September 29, 2007

Fantastic Four

From the desk of Mama Piggy:

We have crawled into Week 4 with the four kitties. They are now a playful bunch and simply cannot keep still! These photos were taken after much difficulty.

Brownie Tortie tends to plays rough with them, so my sister's gotta keep a close watch.


calsifer said...

Babies are so irresistable! Brownie Tortie is a great nanny, must be exciting to have so many playmates :)

auntie p said...

What a sweetie pie.

KXBC said...

Your pics are a little soft (2nd pic focuses on the wood piece at the front rather than the kitten). Your DOF is set too shallow. Close the aperture to f10 or so but take care of slow shutter speed. Can compromise with high ISO setting though.

papa porky said...

hi kxbc,

when i took the photo the camera focusing mark was on the kitty eye and ear. they do look a bit sharper than the body, although i agree the wood part does look kinda sharp too.

that was taken after 7pm when light was quite bad already, so i had to use f1.8 :) In fact a short while after that i had to use a ttl flash as it was too dark for the camera to focus, and the kitties were just scrambling everywhere!

mama piggy likes this type of low DOF shots. she says they look more pro... but diff shots for diff effects i say... :)

KXBC said...

Hello papa porky

I think kit lens are usually not that good, and very slow too. I like to use the 50mm prime at home since the lighting sucks big time. Much better than the kit lens but I find the dof too shallow. I try to compensate by using higher ISO and the grain is still bearable. :)

Since you are already using an external flash, I thought should be able to close the aperture a little more? I can't remember also. Hehe. My flash is gathering dust at the moment and I find it very unflattering for them as well.

But I sympathise with you lor. Kittens are too hyper active to be able to get any good shot. I used to waste one roll of 36 exposure just to get just one acceptable shot of XX when she was a young devilish kitten. The rest all can throw away.

cat_aunty said...

Hahaha Brownie Tortie having some fun there! I thought the Fours are staying with Cookie?