Sunday, November 04, 2007


From the desk of Mama Piggy:

I guess I should be "glad" - the number of cats that were "humanely destroyed" at the SPCA in FY06/07 went down by 9.4%, compared to FY05/06. Still, the thought of 4,543 cats being put to sleep (PTS) just because they were found to be a "nuisance" depresses me -- a lot.

Kootoo: Huh? Who says we are a nuisance? You people who dump your unwanted flyers and mailers at the void deck are the real nuisance! Four legs good, two legs baaaad!

SPCA's latest annual report also showed that cat adoptions went up by 12.5% - 403 lucky cats found homes in FY06/07 compared to 358 in the preceding year.

Muffin: We are a good companion in any home - HDB or otherwise. We are quiet, fastidiously clean and do not caterwaul after being de-mojoed. And hullo, we are DOMESTIC, NOT nomadic!

A quick check of AVA's annual reports also pointed to a "positive" trend - the number of cats impounded (with the vast majority being PTS) by the AVA in the last 3 years has been decreasing steadily. There were 4,790 cats impounded in FY 06/07, a 15% drop compared to FY05/06, and a decrease of 17.6% against the 5,810 reported in FY 04/05.

So what do all these figures mean? I certainly hope the latest statistics show that Singaporeans are now more aware of animal welfare and the proper management of community cats; that more people realise that culling is only an easy way out, an inhumane act which serves no purpose except to achieve a quick-fix "solution" in the short-term.

Milo: Have mercy -- love us, not hurt us!

But I am being rather optimistic here. The road ahead to greater awareness and tolerance is fraught with ceaseless difficulties. When people who cannot see beyond themselves continue to be self-seeking, and bring up a generation of self-serving, selfish children, the hope for a more compassionate and caring society dims.


cat_aunty said...

These three make very convincing spokescats!!!

Why is Kootoo looking so indignant?

calsifer said...

Cheers to cautious-optimism!

I too just can't buy the superficial evidence.

PS: Someday, I'm going to cash in that raincheck for a vid-making lesson and come molesh KMM. *NGIAK*

xy (zj) said...


Kootoo | Muffin | Milo said...

Calsifer, no need excuse, just come lah. And while you are at our place, wanna try and help me bathe Muffin? :D

XY, you like goondu-looking cats?

Cat Aunty, Kootoo is indignant becos I keep pointing the camera at him!

Mama Piggy signing off from the oppressive office

calsifer said...

Wah, must pick an auspicious date and pop by with the gel-eyed sib *GLEE* Will come packed with tranquilizer kit for Operation Muffy SudTime.

Got some more twinkle pics coming your way too >=D ... btw, your shots got that soft-focus fuzzy feel now, iggit the new toy or the cam-man?

Patty Dogster said...

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