Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Are you the one?

From the desk of Mama Piggy:

Kittens have no problems when it comes to finding adopters. We all know this.

The Fantastic Four are a precious bunch of kittens and we want to look for a responsible adopter who is able to look after the kiddos for life, in sickness and in health. It will most certainly break our hearts should anything happen to the Fantastic Four.

So dear potential adopters, while I thank you for the interest you have shown in the Fantastic Four, I beseech you to ask yourself: Are you the one who can provide a good and forever loving home for the cats? It is not as simple as it seems.


calsifer said...

Awww... no suitable potential shortlist yet?

Am always worried about the enthusiatic response to the good-looking cats, kittens, and pedigrees. Are the potentials genuine or just caught up with looks? Usually, the unsuitable ones out themselves very quickly. Am sure they can't escape your sharp scrutiny.

The F4 are in great hands. Maybe can assign Muffin to screen out unsuitable ones.

dana said...

hi would it be possible to just adopt one?

VeganCatsg said...

If only we can train a dog or better still a cat to sniff out a good or bad adopter! Then we need not worry when the kitten or cat goes away in the carrier with the adopter.

papa 'furred' porky said...

no cat hair on their clothes usually means they may not make good adopters or have not been adopters for long.

on the other hand, too much cat hair is also a sign of too many meows in the house!

Anonymous said...

The Fantastic Four look really fantastic :S but to keep the whole bunch will surely make your sister a lot busier.. why there is no good adopters for those wonderful kitties this time i wonder?

I will urge L to send you update about Dodo Tata in a very near time. He just decided to change job, quite busy (but also lazy ^^)The cats weighed up a lot (one 4 and one 6kg), very adorable tomcats now (though neutralized haha)


Kootoo | Muffin | Milo said...

Hello K!! Nice to hear from you :) yes, pls send us pixs of the brothers. 6kg!! What do you guys feed him!!! :P