Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Everybody loves kittens, but can you really take care of them?

From the desk of Mama Piggy:

Lovely, aren't they?

Emails enquiring for the Fantastic Four came fast and furious after their adoption notice went up on the Cat Welfare Society adoption bulletin. But we were very selective - we wanted to make sure that the kitties go to good homes and responsible owners who would give them a forever home and take care of them, in sickness and in health.

Two potential adopters were interviewed and short-listed. But BOTH parties decided to back out just before the viewing session. The first potential adopter, a sweet Malay lady, found an abandoned kitten and decided to keep it instead of adopting our kittens, fair enough; the second potential adopter, an expat lady, decided that she and her partner needs more time to settle down before getting a pet. OK, at least they were serious about adopting a pet and actually gave it some considered thought.

The other interested adopters just didn't make the cut. Some had wanted our kittens to replace the cats that they've "lost". One insisted that cats must be let out of the house to roam as it is "in their genes". Another even dictated that she wants the cats ASAP without even asking me some basic questions about the kittens. One tried too hard to impress me about how much he know about keeping cats and that backfired on him (Sorry dude, you just didn't come across as real). And a couple of those who emailed me were young kids who didn't even have their parents' consent to bring home a pet! SIGH.

If only the cats could sniff out the good adopters from the not-so-good ones, we'd have less headache!


calsifer said...

I can just imagine the scene - oral exams style, Mama Piggy for calling candidates one by one, and letting the 4 sniff each, which unfortunately ends in hissy fits or an abutt-face :P

Our deja vu might be recycling when we put up April and the former Snowball/Atom for adoption. So this is just self-ribbing in disguise. :P

KXBC said...

The last kitten looks very adorable. Too bad I've been banned from bringing home another.

I found a 6-mth old kitten in my reservist camp last week. Poor thing will have to hunt for food again now since there is no one there to feed her.

The Crew said...

Oh, poor sweet babies. We hope you can find good homes for them all.