Saturday, December 01, 2007

Visit to cattery

From the desk of Mama Piggy:

We popped by the cattery this afternoon, it was nice to bump into Vegancat and ChaosCat there!

Our little friend Twinkle is totally living it up at the cattery.

Twinkle: Snzzz ...

Bleary-eyed Twinkle: Oh hi!

He is totally spoilt by Phyllis and her helpers, and even gets to sleep on Mei Mei's bed!

Twinkle: What to do? I am sooooo adorable!

Video courtesy of Vegancat.

Papa Porky was pleasantly surprised by this sweet ginger boy when it jumped onto his lap for cuddles. (Papa Porky has always complained that the trio at home NEVER do nice things like this.)

I found out subsequently from Mei Mei that this ginger cat is Goldie. He is truly lovable and pliant, hope he finds a good home soon ...


cat_aunty said...

hahaha Twinkle is so gorgeous, and hogging the kibble bowl too!

So that is Goldie, I recall he was adopted but was sent back......poor kitty

calsifer said...

Hee... Goldie is shameless, an attention junkie. He spoiled a ton of the Meowsons' shots because he was on top of their cage and head-butting me and the camera for all it was worth.

Erm... I got redemption pix for TwinkleFattyStar... must remember to send out to you later :P