Sunday, June 29, 2008

Book review

Book title: Your Cat (The Boss)
Author: Helen Exley
Retail: $11.90, at gift stores island wide
Reviewer: Kootoo Monster

A must-read for any self-respecting cat "owner" *snigger*, this wonderful collection of 191 quirky and thought-provoking quotations about cats serves to dispel any doubt/misgiving/quandry you may have in your relationship with cats.

It provides the answer and more to cryptical questions such as "Why a cat?".

An example of an enlightening quote: "Being adopted by a stray cat is a sign that you are a kind, generous, warm-hearted sucker. ~Giovanni Andretti"

Here's another: "You can tell a dog to do something. You can put it to a cat as a reasonable propositon. ~ Michael Steven"

Dubbed the "Chicken Soup for the wretched cat slave's soul", the book helps you get in touch with your inner minion as you begin to realise and appreciate the sense of purpose and meaning your cat has bestowed on you.

Get your copy now, and your cat will be eternally grateful to you and stop chewing your shoelaces/pissing in your house plant.

I shall leave you with my favorite quote from the book:"There is a weary expression on your cat's face when she brings you home a mouse. It needs no words: 'Is this idiot woman never going to catch her own?' ~ Pam Brown"


Anonymous said...

ROFL. I like the way Kootoo poses with the book. And the look says it all: Read it or you'd be sorry.

Btw, Mama P, have you received the email? If not, I can always re-send it :)

The Letter B

cat_aunty said...

Dear Kootoo. how wise you are.

calsifer said...

Et tu, Mama Piggy?

I've been waiting for the slackers to provide their review for the past 2.5 years. But you know how it is, between the kibbles, the wrestling, the squabbles and the napples, no one's got time to give us poor minions time of snooze. :P

Mary said...

Hi Mama Piggy, can you name the book shop? i went to the book shop at Vivo Citry but they do not carry this book. Thanks in advance.

Kootoo | Muffin | Milo said...

Hi Mary, I got the mini book from a gift shop at Plaza Singapura, me thinks it is on the 3rd floor. The mini books are displayed near the cash register at the entrance of the shop. Good luck hunting :)

Mary said...

Thanks mama, will hunt for it.