Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ugly ducklings

From the desk of Mama Piggy:

Well well, you can't judge a book by its covers, and you certainly can't judge a cat by its colours!

Like in the fairy tale, these "ugly ducklings" have blossomed into beautful adult cats, with loving personalities.

Latte, October 2007

Latte, June 2008

Tiramisu, October 2007

Tiramisu, October 2008

Dell, December 2007

Dell, June 2008


xy (zj) said...

wah latte u have such masculine charm & charisma oozing frm u. lots of nan2 ren2 wei4!

calsifer said...

Mama Piggy,
Your Rebel take future pics or Tiramisu know time travel leh? =P

Always seem so easy for kitts to blossom into Cats. Inside every scrawny screaming chit of a furry monster is a regal cat waiting to grow up... of course the monster bit resurfaces every now and then.

cat_aunty said...

The Coffee Gang has good genes....! They are all so gorgeous!

Dell still has the same look, but she looks calmer and long limbed...

Chinky said...

Look of utter contentment comes about from being nurtured by loving-kindess :)

auntie p said...

The gals have blossomed into beauties. :)

KXBC said...

Calsifer or Mama Piggy

I need to contct Calsifer urgently. It's something which he/she has experience related to Bam Bam. Can you mail me your HP or contact no. at mygreedycat@yahoo.com?

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Awww , so beautiful !! :D And all grown up now .
Erm , can I ask ? There were 4 rite ? I mean the Fantastic 4 . Where's the last 1 ?


Antonia said...

very, very nice!