Sunday, June 01, 2008


From the desk of Mama Piggy:

Papa Porky commented that Kootoo looks like a 乌龟 (turtle) when he squats like this =_=


calsifer said...

He looks like a brooding hen from top loh, or one of those tissue box covers ala tea cosies. We call ours chickens =P

So how's your scheme to jump ship coming along? Mine's dead in the water still. =_='

Kootoo | Muffin | Milo said...

yes, now that you mentioned it, this squatting positioning is very hen-like! :P

The ship is being steered into the port very slowly, tug-boat very slow, but almost there, close enough for me to jump! Hang in there, am sure better things will come your way, keep lookin'!

cat_aunty said...

How do you make Kootoo stare into the camera all the time?

Kootoo | Muffin | Milo said...

Focus your camera first, then make some sounds (I usually cluck my tongue) to get the cats to look at the camera.