Monday, November 28, 2005

Let sleeping cats lie ...

... Cos I am a Monster, even when I'm asleep! Miaowrrrr!

Cat quote of the day:

Cat: A pygmy lion who loves mice, hates dogs and patronizes human beings.
- Oliver Herford


Papa 'Haunted' Porky... said...

I recognise it now! Dat... dat... was the face of the eviiil monstah that had been tormenting my dreams and caushing sleepless nites for the last few weeks!

Waita mihnute, hold your kitties, isnt dat also de the same resident monstah in the house both in my dreams and when I'm awake!!??

Shuffering shuccotash.... am jumpin off to get the biggest and baddest shotgun i can find in Toys R Us now...

Anyone here skilled in taxidermy?

Mama Groucho said...

You leave the kitty alone! It takes one Monster to recognise another!

cd-less papa porky said...

(to the tune of...) Dum dum dum... another one bites the dust... oh, another one and another one... another one bites the dust... oh yeah!

just 5 mins ago, another CD bought the dust, as the resident monstah sent it to polycarbonate nirvana; via crashing to the floor from the radio shelf. RIP.

at this rate, the monstah will be responsible for making cds extinct in hougang hills 09159. on another note, i fear for the life of the nakamichi. its days are close to numbered, i think.