Thursday, March 16, 2006

Alone again ... naturally

It's horrid being home alone ...

Mama Piggy has been clocking a lot of over time in recent weeks. And when she gets home, she logs on to the PC and does more work, or simply collapse on the sofa out of sheer exhaustion.

I don’t understand these two-legged beings. Why can’t they get their priorities right – i.e. spend more time with the ones they love (meaning moi) instead of trying to squeeze in more work every day? When will they realize that in trying to make a living, they forget to live?

Cat quote of the day:
A cat has absolute emotional honesty: human beings, for one reason or another, may hide their feelings, but a cat does not.
- Robert Herrick


CatDonna & Cats said...

Poor Kootoo.

Umm... just a thought but please don't kill me.

If Kootoo really is lonely, do you think another cat might help?


Kootoo and M&M said...

Well, Papa Porky is responsible for choosing Kootoo's new mate. Porky's criteria for new kitty: pink nose, purrs, friendly with mild disposition, not bitey and does not fight with Papa Porky. I have had enough trying to mediate between the Hissing Cat and the Screeching Pig.
- Mama Piggy

animalfamily said...

always fun to add a new cat into the mix and watch the dynamics in the household change. that's just me, sadistic!

cat_aunty said...

Poor kootoo, cheer up. Mummy is working hard so she can buy more fish for you

KXBC said...

Poor Kootoo. Don't be so sad. I think Mama Piggy also no choice. Mummy & Daddy work long hours too, even weekends sometimes. They always say if don't work, where got money to buy food for us. Ok ok don't scold us. I know we eat a lot and poop a lot, But that's our charm, right?

I ask Mummy & Daddy to look out for a pink nose cat for you ok? You want boy or girl? Kitten or grown cat?

Meow, Bon Bon

Papa Porky, Dir HR said...

Excerpt fm Kitty Recruitment Times:

Nice purry and angelic kitty needed to keep Kootoo company. About 2-3 months or so and female. Preferably, white with brown or black patches. Gingers also welcome. Pink noses and pads are very nice and complete tail would be excellent.

Minimum qualifications are B.A. in Lap Cat, Manja Skills and Lovingness. As mentioned, M.A. or PhD in Purrs and Friendly Meows will be advantage.

Renumeration: Lifetime Hills Science, delicious and chop-licking array of kibbles ranging from Wild Alaskan Salmon (dried) to Honey Roasted Whitebait with Malt flavour supplements.

Annual and Monthly Bonuses of Scratching 'Shiok' Posts, Amazing Super Bounce Rainbow Balls with Built in Bells, and the all-time fav - Pschedelic Furry Balls with Catnip, guaranteed to drive you up the wall.

Servant (Mama Piggy) provided also for all your private (read: bowel and pee pee) disposal. Superior and glossy lining from high end magazines and newspapers.

Pls submit resumes and photos on your own websites or blogs. Successful candidates will be notified cat-egorically.

PS. Biteys and ingrates need not apply. For a definition, contact Kootoo.

KXBC said...

Dear Mr HR Director,

I refer to your advertisement seeking the recruitment of a lovely kitten to continue tormenting Papa Porky together with the Kootoo Monster.

I have a Phd in Soft Purrs, MA(Lap nap) and BSc(Head butts). I am currently serving my internship at 5-Cat Flyer and have been receiving raving reviews for my wonderful performance.

I do not seek high renumeration but just a shelter over my head and lots of tender love and care.

I would appreciate if I can explore with you at your convenience, my future plans.

Yours sincerely,
Ying Yang (Ms)

=^..^= said...
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=^..^= said...

Awwww... KXBC, you're sweet! :)

I hope Papa Porky will be impressed enough with Ying Yang to give her a shot.

Please put in a good word for her, Kootoo!

~5-Cat Style

CatDonna & Cats said...


Lucie and Boonie can't qualify. Bleah.

*Stomps over to a corner muttering darkly about how difficult it is to find adopters nowadays*