Thursday, March 09, 2006

Ear ear!

Mama Piggy's photo-taking skills suck. Big time. She loves to chop off the tip of my ear, just take a look at these pixs!

Oh great, now she wants me to stay purrfectly still while she attempts to frame me properly! Well, hurry up, woman ... I don't have the whole day!

And now where is my tail??? Hopeless, this Mama Piggy ...

Cat quote of the day:
The great charm of cats is their rampant egotism, their devil-may-care attitude toward responsibility, their disinclination to earn an honest dollar.
- Robertson Davies


KXBC said...

Kootoo, don't be so ngiow lah. As long as you come out looking handsome and cute, no need to be so particular about the ear hor. I think you still look velly cute with those big sparkling eyes.

Meow, Kim Kim

CatDonna & Cats said...


A cat is ALWAYS photogenic regardless of the photographer.

You know that don't you Kootoo, you're just trying to annoy your woman! Good job... keep it up!

Naughty Pip!