Wednesday, June 07, 2006


From the desk of Mama Piggy:

This paw has the sharpest claws that draw blood with a stinging swipe that is as fast as lightning.

We have tried all means to trim Muffin's nails, but the little rascal snarls and hisses his way out of it.

Then I tried to do it while he dozed off, but Muffin promptly bared his baby fangs at me ... *shudder*

In contrast, sweet-natured Kootoo was a much more easy-going kitty, and allows me to trim his nails and clean his ears (that is, until his recent bout of infection) without kicking up a fuss.

Short of sedating Muffin, I cannot think of a way to get his nails filed.

Cat quote of the day:
A little drowsing cat is an image of a perfect beatitude.
- Jules Champfleury


the letter b said...

Kootoo seems to look rather contented these days. has it gotta do with Muffin's presence - and their loving behaviour towards each other lately - that somewhat make him what he is, Mama P?

the bit that you described about Muffin suddenly baring his baby fangs whilst asleep? reminds me of those b&w horror movies of yore when a vampire/Dracula.. you get the drift :D

cat_aunty said...

I guess can ask the vet to trim the nails during the snip-snip loh

KXBC said...

CC does not like to have his paws touched, especially the hind paws. Cutting the nails there is also a problem.

What I do is that I try to handle his paws as often as I can, usually when he is very relaxed eg sleeping on top of the newspaper. It takes time but slowly he will get used to his paws being handled and now I can trim his front paw claws already. Still working on the hind legs now :)

Worse come to worse, I will get the wife to restrain him while I snip away, all the while with him growling and snaring at my ears.

auntie p said...

How about a strait jacket (of some sort)? *evil grin*

vegancat said...

Like kxbc said, try conditioning him with pleasantries when his paws and ears are touched. I anticipated these problems and so that moment, I got my first cat, I conditioned him to allow easy nail trimming and ears cleaning. Still there is some resistance and I will take several sessions to trim all the nails but at least no snarling and no blood letting.

Kootoo and M&M said...

the letter b> actually, Kootoo is far from contented. These days, he can't do anything in peace and quietude -- be it sitting alone, munching his kibbles or even easing himself in the litter bin. Muffin, ever the imp, would always pounce on Kootoo, swipe his tail or nibble his ears. Muffy's a wooly bully.

cat aunty> we can't wait to send Muffin for his snip-snip! ;)

Thanks to kxbc & vegancat for the sound advice!

auntie p> you gotta be joking! before we can even put the strait jacket on Muffy our hands would be shredded by him ...

Beau said...

Just found your blog through Oreo. Mom has the same trouble with me. She said let the vet do it. It doesn't cost that much and it's worth it. (It takes the vet, mom, and a tech to do it, and even then...heehee!)

Kootoo and M&M said...

Guess what "solution" I came up with - I engineered a vigorous playing session with Muffin, and when he fell into slumber out of fatigue, I embarked on Mission Possible - clipping his nails! He was too tired to protest, much less swipe at me!

- Mama Piggy