Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Belly infectious

From the desk of Mama Piggy:

The telling tales of a good life ...

... look at Muffin's tummy!

The fattening up before he goes for the snip!

Cat quote of the day:
The cat, it is well to remember, remains the friend of man because it pleases himto do so and not because he must.
- Carl Van Vechten


KXBC said...

Oops...fried pea rice again for dinner.

Mini-Meow said...

Nice pictures! Muffin, be strong, you won't feel the snip snip at all.

Mama Piggy... Dun mind I ask you some questions?

1. How do you keep your couch so clean and free of fur? And do they scratch the couch? The ends of my bed are in shreds, can't stop them from scratching there though they have scratching posts around.

2. I noticed there's no grilles on your windows, how did you train your cats to not go outside? I can't leave my windows open for a minute before someone will try to give me a heart attack by walking on the narrow ledge outside.

Thanks for taking time! :D

Kootoo and M&M said...


i have written off my couch. the arm rests are in shreds too. Kootoo loves the fabric, maybe it has good traction :)

The couch doesn't attract as much fur as an Ikea chair which serves as Kootoo's throne. That chair gets a weekly "mask", we tape the fur off with masking tape.

Ah, so you have noticed that we do not have grilles at home ... Well, I simply "condition" the cats to fear heights so that they would think twice before sticking their paws out onto the ledge. But I still watch them closely cos you never know when curiosity will get the better of them. Of course when we are out of the house, the windows are closed.

auntie p said...

How do you "condition" the cats to be fearful of heights? The 3 cats at my MIL are naturally smart, no need any conditioning, they just know.

Hmm..that 3rd pic of Muffin resembles that Rascal that I'd once fostered.

auntie P aka fostercat ;)

Kootoo and M&M said...

auntie P,

we dangle them from the window, a la Michael Jackson ... KIDDIN!!!

well what we did with young Kootoo was whenever he goes to the window ledge, I will go over and pretend to go into hysterics and yelp "No! No! Kootoo, no!!!" and scare him a bit, so that he understands (I think) that it is dangerous to stand too close near the window.

Mini-Meow said...

Thanks for the masking tip mama piggy!

My cats know that they are not supposed to go outside; They jump right back in anytime we catch them doing so, but still it doesn't stop them from wanting to go outside.

I guess the safest time to open the windows only when I can be around to supervise them.. and maybe I should also try out the going into hysterics trick. Heehee!

Nice blog. :)