Thursday, June 15, 2006

I Am Muffin (1) - Do You Remember Me?

This is “dedicated” to the boys who abused me …

At the shelter - late March 06 (Photo courtesy of Vegancat)

You wanted to know if I could feel pain
And how loud I would wail
You wanted to see if I could escape from your torturous restraint
While you scalded me with hot coffee and watched me quiver and ail.

Muffin's Day 2 at his new home - 14 April 06

My physical wounds have healed, as you can see
But my emotional scars remain
My mummy tries hard to sooth my nerves, but I shall never be
The same kitten I was, having been through all the anguish and pain.

Muffin (then known as Pan Pan) waiting for adoption - early April 06 (Photo courtesy of Vegancat)

I could not comprehend, for you and I are but sentient beings
We both fear pain, loss and death, and seek comfort, love and care
So why do you make me suffer – are we creatures that are less deserving?
I shall never forget your faces and the delight you took in my despair.

Muffin has grown! - 30 May 06

I do not ask for much, really
'Cept for some loving kindness in this harsh and cruel abode ruled by the human race
Please, I am defenceless and at your mercy
Live, and let live -- a little more compassion helps to make this world a better place.

Post script by Mama Piggy:
Muffin has been with us for two months. When he first came, he was rather fearful of us touching or holding him, and would swipe at our hands viciously. We thought it might be because he was still traumatised by the incident. Two months on, Muffin has learnt to be more self-assured and confident, and we hope to see him well-adjusted and happy …

Cat quote of the day:
For he is an instrument for the children to learn benevolence upon. For every house is incomplete without him and as blessing is lacking in the spirit.
- Christopher Smart


=^..^= said...

How wonderful... *wipes a tear*

~5-Cat Style

cat_aunty said...

Dear Muffin has come a long way. The emotional scars may still be there, but from his various antics, we can tell he is slowly recovering. *sniff*

KXBC said...

He will be a loving cat given time. He will know you guys love him and will never hurt him. and he will know that Kootoo is good to bully too. :)

BTW, do you know if the school had taken any action against those idiotic kids? If not, some publicity can help, like the rugby schoolboy who had unsportingly bitten his opponent in a game.

Cat said...

Muffin is blooming under your tender loving care. :)

Oreo said...

That am furry sad! I'm glad Muffin gots a good home now.

Kootoo and M&M said...

Well, as far as we know, the school principal has been informed of the abuse case by the kind souls who rescued and nursed Muffin, but don't think there was any follow up after that.

Muffin has blossomed indeed, and as kxbc had commented earlier, he did help Kootoo to shed some extra pounds with all that chasing and pouncing :)

- Mama Piggy

KXBC said...

All I can say is that an innocent animal will be abused again if no action has been taken by the school or the parents of those abusive children.

Bonnie Underfoot said...

I'm furry glad to learn the happy ending fur Muffin after such a sad beginning. Those boys... hiss!