Saturday, January 20, 2007

Hello Houston ...

From the desk of Mama Piggy:

.... we have a "problem".

This is the little Calico girl we "catnapped" this evening. We chanced upon this newcomer while feeding Milo's mummy at the void deck.

Don't be fooled by her sweet demeanour. The pink-nosed girl is a feisty chilli padi - tiny in size but packs a fiery punch. When I spotted her, a Jack Russell on a leash was barking at her furiously, one metre away. Kitty was initially unperturbed, but suddenly she decided to march up to the noisy barker and hissed and spat at him! Her defiance caught the dog owner, me and another onlooker by surprise.

I wanted to carry her away but she turned around and swiped at me. Thanks to Muffin Terror, I am now quite adept at dodging such unpleasantries. The dog owner finally dragged his hyper pooch away, and I fed the hungry girl who wolfed down the wet food with great gusto.

After eating her fill, she was contented to remain at the void deck to play with me. She is about 4 months old, very affable and trusting, and is not afraid of human contact at all. What shall we do with her?? We went home, undecided. But my mind was in a turmoil. How could I leave her alone?

So I came down again with some dry food. She was still at the void deck!! I guess there is no running away from Fate. I buzzed the hubby to bring down the carrier, and little Calico girl walked straight into it!

She is now in our flat's kitchen toilet, and took to the litterbin without a fuss. I think she is a very good candidate for adoption.

This is the only time I could snap a picture of her keeping still.

Her calico patches.

Tomorrow, I will try and speak to Phyllis to take her in - I will pay for the boarding and medical fees of course.

I know I wouldn't be able to sleep well tonight if I didn't bring her home.


Cat with Hat said...

Nice kitty!

vegancat said...

She looks sweet...more white than calico..and in this current "the whiter the nicer" mentality that applies to cats as well, she is an easy one to be adopted out.
She is definitely a house-cat abandoned!

cat_aunty said...

Thank you for saving her.

I tell you, calicos....they are all feisty females!!

calsifer said...

Going muzzle-a-muzzle with a JR? Gumption she has! She's lucky to have met you. Seems like in this pre-CNY period, spring cleaning is in full swing.

kuro.shiro.neko said...

cat_aunty, i agree with you. calicos got this "chiak-ness" in them hor... hur hur hur...

she looks very pretty, hope she gets a good home soon!

or mama piggy, can consider a girl in an all boys' home?

Kootoo | Muffin | Milo said...

er, mama piggy has her hands full at the moment, what with Muffin doing a cameo Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde appearance every now and then; Milo still very much a frisky kitten and Kootoo the Top Cat throwing his weight around (figuratively and literally). Add a chiak cha bor Calico to the equation and my stress level will skyrocket.

auntie p said...

Fate indeed. :-!
She should be able to find a loving home soon.

MIL's calico started off a bit "chiak" but since then, she's mellowed down and become quite sweet & tolerant of our "nonsense", but she still doesn't like ear cleaning and bathing.

KXBC said...

PP will put Muffin Terror in his place if you take in this feisty little girl. But she will grow up to be the sweetest endearing thing you will ever know. Not the Milo kind of sweet, but the other kind of sweet, like Xin Xin. Take her lah :)