Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Mother board

From the desk of Mama Piggy:

We got this mother of all scratching boards/posts from Loving Pets at East Coast on Sunday.

It looks small in the picture, but it's actually a one metre tall monster.

But it's still kinda short for Kootoo, who can easily reach the top when fully stretched out.


calsifer said...

Temptation! We were thinking about this goliath too. All other posts seem too short for Joey - she's been deprived for all 5 years of her large-sized life :( btu we got no place for this monster *trying darnest to resist the call of the dark side*

KXBC said...

This is like the Mother of all scratching posts. So super duper BIG!!!! Must be super heavy too.

I saw a very tall one in Pet Lovers as well. Still considering if I should buy it for Xin Xin although I already have 2 cat trees.

Kootoo | Muffin | Milo said...

kxbc, scratching posts, like women's shoes, are NEVER enough!! This one is not very heavy, but very stable becos of the wide base.

calsifer, O' you cruel tyrantness! No wonder your brood of monsters are so unruly! Get 'em this Mother of all scratching posts NOW!! Yield to the Temptation! For it may never pass this way again!

vegancat said...

Gosh..it looks like a tree trunk!

KXBC said...

How much ah? And what is the address of this pet shop? Not familiar with petshops in the East at all.

I bet one of the Kootoos will be perched on top of the tree trunk soon.

Kootoo | Muffin | Milo said...

They are already fighting to perch on top of the post. Loving Pets is at 168 East Coast Road, tel 6346 1286. I got this scratching post for $108.

KXBC said...

Something I learned with my current cat trees.

For a long lasting tree/post, the sisal rope must be the thick darker brown kind. The whiter and thinner version is not as lasting.

You know you have to screw the post to the base right? Check to see if the screw on part is plastic or is it a hole drilled out from a chunk of wood. The plastic one will break more easily which means that you can't use the post anymore since it can't be screwed on.

Make our money last longer :)

calsifer said...

Mama Piggy,
erm muahahahahaaa? =P u and KMM are terrible for dangling bait like that. Now by claw or by purr, must work out a place to install this monster. We hates you! *sob*

cat_aunty said...

We are jealous, VERY jealous!

bc said...

Houston, we have a problem. I just spoke with Loving Pets, the motherboard is all sold out now, repeat, all sold out.

Check with them for new stock arrival.

BTW, just like add my $0.02 to kxbc's : check the robustness of the post, to be doubly sure it can take the punishment of being a play station and to accommodate violent scratchers, do the wobble test, if it can't even take a few shakes from you, it ain't pass muster. Don't be distracted by a post's fancy quotient, if it looks unwieldly, you may be looking at a white elephant because cats don't like scratchposts that don't give "traction". If the post wobbles with them as they scratch, it's not a good scratch, and if it's not a good scratch, the cats are going to find alternatives.

Over and out.

calsifer said...

eh, the above comment by me.. dunno why it's not showing my nick :P

KXBC said...

Oh, no more shopping session over the weekend liao. Xin Xin will be so disappointed.

Kootoo | Muffin | Milo said...

calsifer, we know that bc is your less evil alter-ego :P

woot, sorry to hear that mine was the last piece. Place order with the pet shop lah. I guarantee total pet satisfaction. In fact, the Motherboard is so big that two cats can have a go at it at the same time, Milo on one side, and Muffin on the other.

calsifer said...

Dagnabit! When did my cover get blown to smithereens? Feel like rabbit caught in headlight glare!

Eh, Loving Pets does have an alternative. A taller but slimmer post (fatherboard?). Shall have to vist and administer the wobble test. But before that, must springclean out a place for it.

The thing in favour of the motherboard is that Jane, Loving Pets' boss, has a 7.3kg lardtub, and her verdict is also that it is the only thing that has successfully withstood his ministrations. Given that Philly, our Kootoo simulation, is 7.6 kg and Joey, the jelly-belly, is larger though lighter at 7.3, we're leaning toward the motherboard. Also, it responded remarkably well to the test.

Mama Piggy, next time you visit Loving Pets, look out for the lardtub, a silver tabby Jane rescued. His name, surprise, surprise, is Pui Pui.

kuro.shiro.neko said...

i have another suggestion. if you ever buy one of those big and complicated towers (like mine and san's).

what happened in my household was, some of the posts frayed faster than others (cos they have favourites). i took out those frayed until cannot fray and falling apart ones, rearranged the tower and tada, we have a new tower.

will try to post a picture on my blog.

i find that this way, the $280 actually last longer. it's like, a new lease of life.

rats, the new lease of life is fraying rapidly. got to go shopping again!

paps porkie said...

just to add to the fray going on here, the earlier multi-scratch and multi-hole yellow condo that mama piggy bought (n blogged) some time ago doesnt seem to be a fav among the kitties.

at most kootoo uses it as a launching pad when running away from milo's depredations. i've tried putting milo and kootoo into the cubby holes but they dont seem to like it enough to stay there long. so now its more like a yellow elephant in the house...

prob gotta spike it with a lil catnip n see if they will get back to using it. but at the rate that mama piggy is buying toys for them... we gotta get a new house soon then.

KXBC said...

ksn: That's what I did too. Rearranging the position of the poles and even turning them upside down to get the max out of my money. My main cat tree which cost slightly over $100 has served us well for around 3 years. They love to play hide-and-seek there and also use it as a launch pad.

calsifer said...

paps porkie,
Going by the slackers, it may be seasonal or whimsical, or just pure fad. New toy more interesting, no?

Otherwise you may need to try a bit of geomancy. Shift the shiftable configurations on the condo and maybe relocate it. It could make a world of difference. We have a simple pie-bed perch cum ground level tunnel one. While they bake themselves regularly, no one seemed to like the tunnel, even though it's big enough for even the lardtubs. But I shifted the tunnel orientation, and flipped the positions of the two contraptions over, and viola, popular as hell.